4 day Garden Route road trip

Breaking down on the side of the highway on boxing day, driving the car while being towed by a solid rope, sleeping in a wood cabin and jumping off a bridge.. all that in a 4 day road trip.

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It’s Boxing Day. After a drive on the Whale coast (bit longer than the N2) to Hermanus, we visit town and get some fish and chips before continuing our journey. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere our car decides to break down. Yes, it’s boxing day, bank holiday, and we are broken down next to the N2. We finally manage to pay to get towed to the closest big city, George, already not making it to our accommodation for that first night. Luckily for us, we knew someone that lived in Sedgefield and they hosted us for the night. They helped us find a mechanic the morning after and let us drive their daughter’s car for the rest of the road trip. Our car would be fixed by the time we were done.

Not only their hospitality was incredible but we had the best time in their awesome wood house. To Joe and Meryl, you are the best, I don’t have enough gratitude in my body to thank you guys for saving our trip.

Hermanus Hermanus Breaking down on the N2

After spending the night with them and the morning taking the car to the mechanic, we did a quick visit of Wilderness and continued our way to Knysna where we visited the waterfront and the craft markets.                                      Knysna Knysna

The next stop was Plettenbergbaai.

We stayed in the coziest guest house, called Lala Panzi, the owners are lovely and helped in any possible way. The best thing? The bed is huge and you get views to the ocean and a balcony to the Boma and swimming pool area. On the second road trip day, we were being treated to a home cooked breakfast with fruit, cookies, cereals, scrambled eggs, bacon and toasties. Yes, it was as delicious as it sounds. After that we started getting ready for our big day.

While in the car and building courage for the jump that day, we took a detour to go through Nature’s Valley. We wanted to see the tall trees in that area of the forest – trees that start about 15m below you and go way higher than road level. I’ve always been more of a mountain lover rather than beach one, so that scenery really impressed me.

Nature's Valley Nature's Valley Nature's Valley Nature's Valley

After the little detour it was time to get to the Bloukrans bridge. The bridge is 216m high, and that’s from where we were going to jump in a couple hours. It was more scary/anxious the fact to be waiting at the restaurant before our scheduled time than the actual jump. Being in the bridge itself is funny – the staff is smiling and cracking jokes all the time and there are tunes banging the speakers. The only moment you get scared is when you’re actually left at the edge of the bridge. Later on you hear “3,2,1, bungy” and you jump – there’s really no time to be scared, you don’t have time!

And after you jump, you have tunnel vision for the free fall (about 7s) and then you’re being pulled up by the rope and it’s exhilarating. I always said: I’m never bungee jumping. I want to do skydive but not bungee. And then I skydived and decided that I wanted to do bungee jump. And I was sp sure I wouldn’t want to repeat… Well, I know I’ll do it again one day now. Adrenaline junkie!

I'm8hoursahead Bloukrans bungy jump Bloukrans bungy jump Bloukrans bungy jump

Finally we did the last bit of drive of the road trip. It was a little bit more than an hour to Jeffrey’s Bay, where we checked in at our guesthouse. Then we got ready to go out at Jolly Dolphin for the Jeremy Loops concert.

You see, I’ve been fan of this guys for few months now, and I know all the lyrics to the songs (as I proved during the concert!). So when two days before my flight to SA they announced a new concert in JBay, which was only an hour more than the road trip that we had planned; we had to go there. And the best thing of that night? In addition, I got to meet the band backstage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After this short but intense road trip it was time for a short drive back to Sedgefield. While waiting for the car we spent another night with sundowners by the lake and braais under the stars. Finally we got our car and started our long drive back home to spend New Year Eve in the Mother City.

Road trip on the Garden Route

Road trip stops:

  • Cape Town
  • Hermanus
  • Sedgefield
  • Wilderness
  • Knysna
  • Plettenbergbaai
  • Nature’s Valley
  • Bloukrans bungee
  • Jeffrey’s Bay
  • Sedgefield
  • Cape Town


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4 day Garden Route Road Trip

Doing the Garden Route in 4 days

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