Gili Trawangan: Jam Karet

Gili Trawangan: Jam Karet

Gili islands are my new definition of Paradise, and my new destination on the top of the MUST VISIT AGAIN list.

One day and a half in Gili T wasn’t definitely enough time. There are three of them, Gili Trawangan, the one we stayed and more touristic, Gili Air and Gili Meno. You can see the other island coast from the beach. Gili Trawangan is also where the majority of hostels, hotels and diving tours are located, and the party.Gili Islands boat

We arrived there after two hours in a ferry and decided to stay in the hostel. After that, we got changed and went to the beach. All the beaches had little boats near them, and lots of death coral in amazing shapes in the sand. The coral is protected and you cannot take any piece with you.Gili Trawangan beach

We enjoyed a really good meal for 4$ in a cool restaurant by the sand, and then it started to pour rain. Like 5 hours of heavy rain. The island was covered in 20 cm of water when we were able to go out again. We were basically walking barefoot because there was no point in walking with flip-flops.Gili Trawangan beach

That night we drank at the hostel (2dollar cigarretes, 2.5 dollar beer and 3.5 dollars the big beer, 2 dollars shots and 4 dollar spirits) with everyone that we met, and we were to Jungle Bar. Next day we woke up at 6:30 to rent bicycles and bike around the island. It takes you 1 hour and 15 minutes approximately, and you can stop and take pictures.Gili Trawangan beach

There are three places where the path is so sandy that the bicycle can’t run, so we had to walk with them, but was worth it. Also with the heat in that climate, doing the sport so early in the day made it better. During my short stay in the island, I also got sunburnt for the first time in my life.

Gili Trawangan beach Gili Trawangan beach

While waiting for the ferry, both in Bali and Gili, I met this Indonesian man living in the Netherlands. He that explained me the meaning of Jam Karet. Means elastic time in Indonesian, and they used it a lot every time they have to wait for something. We had to wait almost 3 hours at the beach to get the ferry back to Bali. They think “it’s time well inverted, not wasted”.



Holidays in Bali: what we saw

Holidays in Bali: what we saw

Bali: Island of colours

Visiting temples

Hindu temples are amazing by definition. Every carved stone has so many details in it. We visited Uluwatu Temple the first day, is located on top of the cliffs, and the views are amazing. The second day we visited the Elephant cave, and none of us actually saw the form of an elephant in it, but the temple was really worth visiting, as we also had a woman blessing us by pulling holy water on us and then a type of rice in our head. We went to Gunung Kawi Temple, a 11th century temple that had SO many stairs, that was literally about to kill me going up after visiting (obviously the heat and humidity didn’t help). Finally, chasing the sunset like every tourist in Bali tries to do, we went to Tanah Lot.

Balinese temple Balinese temple Balinese temple Balinese temple Balinese temple Balinese temple

The monkey Forest

In the Bali area of Ubud there’s the monkey forest. Let me tell you monkeys are not cute. They are quick little animals that steal sunnies and everything that gets their attention, and they would bite you for no reason. I experienced that myself, and I had to go to first AID to get antiseptic.

Moreover, those little animals would run over you and try to get you pants off if they think they’re nice (also experienced that) and do not ever buy bananas if you don’t want to panic and throw them all when you see one big monkey running towards you to get them. The best you can do is find one of the monkey forest guardians. They have little cookies that can allow you to have the photo with these animals without being killed or panicking.

the monkey forest the monkey forest the monkey forest

Rice Terraces

Bali is known by its enormous rice fields. When driving in the island you can find them at both sides of the road and it is the most common view. Balinese people also east rice with every meal. While we were driving we saw a lot of different rice terraces but we stopped at one of the most known one, named Tegallalang.

rice terraces in Bali rice terraces in Bali rice terraces in Bali rice terraces in Bali rice terraces in Bali

Our incredible guide Eren

Yes, you my friend, you deserve a section. Your collaboration made the most out of our short stay in Bali. Introducing new destinations that we hadn’t planned and explaining the history of the places we visited made our stay better. Next to you I learned the real Bali culture “1 bip means hello, 2 bips means how are you and 3 bips means phone number for party tonight”. Thank you for that first quality service around the island!!!!!

If you are going to the island and might be interested in our awesome guide-driver please do not hesitate to get in touch!