Melbourne Cup: honest opinion of a riding horse girl

Everyone knows that I’m a horse person, so there was no chance of me missing the big day that was the Melbourne Cup.

Melbourne Cup

It was amazing seeing heaps of people dressed up with fascinators and trying to have the coolest outfits. The horses were beautiful and the experience of being 5m away from them whilst seeing them running at it’s fastest was really unforgettable. I liked the experience of waking up at 8:30 in the morning, getting ready with my roomie. Afterwards meeting everyone else in the kitchen to have toasts with scramble eggs and salmon & champagne.

Getting into the racecourse, getting close to the fences that divide the track from the grass where people can stay. Everything was covered in flowers, every fence, door or stairs. You could buy merchandise, have frozen cocktails, hot dogs, burgers… Basically, any type of food that you could want.

However, I’m still myself, and I still love horses more than I loved watching a race. To everyone that was with me during the races I kept telling them that the races where amazing but you could see the horses were mentally ill. That happens because they are 24/7 in a box eating feed (which is lots of energy and adrenaline, not a natural diet) and they only go out to run, so they are unstable and walking in a relaxed way is almost impossible. When they are out they start trotting thinking they have to run. Also they suffer violence to run the fastest they can. I understand it’s a competitive world and lots of bets are everyday placed on horse races, and I’m not regretting going there and I had a great day not only for the horses but the experience and having all my friends sharing the moment with me.

I think I ‘ve had enough of horse races. I prefer natural and bitless dressage that cares about the horse and don’t treats them as a expending money machine.

Don’t leave the blog with a negative vibe. If you are in Melbourne during the “race that stops the nation” you should definitely go to the Melbourne Cup and enjoy everything. The whole experience, the struggling to be ready on time and having all my friends (and the new ones we met there) made it a GREAT day. Melbourne Cup is an Australian bank holiday, everyone dresses up and reunites with their friends. I will rather keep that side of the race as my memory.


Melbourne Cup Melbourne Cup Melbourne Cup Melbourne Cup

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