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The travel planning process is for many of you a step they’d rather skip. How can I help you? I am your first step in your planning process. Need ideas and recommendations to pick a destination? Want specific day to day guidance to plan your activities? Have everything planned already but want some local advice on how to make it more special? I can do this for you. What services does IM8HOURSAHEAD Trip Planning offer?

I create budget travel itineraries so you ONLY have to travel

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Get to know me

Hi! I’m Anna. My mission is to make your dream trip happen.

I love the boring part (for some) of travel. Planning. Every. Single. Thing. If you are looking for a luxury travel planner this might not be your best bet.

I’ve been travelling with a budget for years, making the most out of my available money and still including great activities on my itineraries. For years friends and colleagues have asked me how I travel so much or so often, with the same amount of leave days as them. The answer?

I research the best hostels & cheap boutique hotels in town, the best local and sustainable operators and the easiest way to move around. I look into all activity operators offering my bucket list activity and choose the ones that have the best value for money & employ locals, contributing to the country’s economy.

How can IM8HOURSAHEAD Trip Planning help you?

There are endless opportunities for trip planning with a budget in any destination. But only if you know how to find them. It helps if you don’t mind spending your time looking for the best fit.

I do extensive research to tailor-make your budget trip and help bring it to life, saving you tons of money!

  • Finding the best hostel or budget hotel. In the nicest area. With the most free items or excursions included.
  • Research all transportation modes. Compare prices and types of tickets.
  • Locate all the attractions or spots you want to visit. Plan the most logical way to visit them all with the least hassle.

I save you time by presenting you with a detailed itinerary, so you only need to click and book

My clients are looking for:

  • Trips that fit their budget (whatever it might be!)
  • Going everywhere
  • Sleeping in traveller-trusted areas and accommodations
  • Ticking bucket list activities without breaking the bank
  • To stop wasting time browsing the endless possibilities on the internet
  • To trust someone to do thorough research work for them – and here’s where I come in


Here’s how we can work together:

The best part about a trip is tailor-making it to suit the individual traveller’s needs.


Skype appointments offering client-focused solutions. The session will focus on whatever YOU need.

Let’s talk budget for a destination or discuss the best activities. Tell me what type of hotels you are looking for. Let’s look for the best plane/bus combination.

30 min: 18€ – 280 ZAR

1h: 30€ – 500 ZAR

Travel planning and consultation


You know the destination but don’t have the time or want to spend the time deciding what to do or where to stay. I will create a full itinerary suggesting accommodation, transportation, activities and places to eat. The trip will be based on your style and personality.

Includes a link to every suggested supplier and availability check before it’s presented to you.

Includes 1 hour Travel Consultation and email support.

1-10 day: 15€/day

10+ days: 13€/day

*I am not a travel agent and I don’t book hotels, tours or transportation. I will provide a detailed itinerary of suggestions together with the links you need to book it all!

Ready to start? Fill in this form and I will get back to you within 2 working days. At IM8HOURSAHEAD Trip Planning we want to see our clients tempted off their feet!

You can also email me at im8hoursahead [at] gmail [dot] com!

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