A backpacker at heart and fan of spontaneous chats at hostels, I do love the quest for unusual and unique accommodations to visit.

The more I travel the more excited I am for a couple of nights in an unusual place to stay. The nights when I have Sweet Dreams in these places are the ones I long to come back to in retrospect.

Sometimes where you stay is a destination all by itself. We want to live exceptional experiences.

A collection of unbiased reviews of the most unique hotels, lodges, airbnb.. to have Sweet Dreams at. Tree houses, rare hidden gems, places you’ve never heard of but cannot wait to book on your next trip.


Sleeping in the Platbos Forest: Bush Buck Suite

Imagine a crackling fire, campfire food, the soothing sound of crickets and falling asleep in all the comforts a cottage can provide. Welcome to Bush Buck Suite, in the Platbos Forest. A cabin in the woods with a canvas wall that can be rolled up… Read More