I have always cherished the many great hostels and backpackers where I´ve met people on my travels. The bunk beds and spontaneous drinks are a big part of the way I travel. But I also love the quest for unusual and unique accommodations to visit. It gives me goosebumps to find special places to sleep in the countries I’m planning to travel to next.

The more I travel the more excited I am for my one or two nights of pampering in an unusual or uncommon hotel, lodge or tent. I feel the nights when I have sweet dreams in these places are the ones I long to come back to in retrospect. The search for these special places makes my planning that much more interesting and motivates me to keep experiencing new things.

Sometimes where you stay is a destination all by itself. We want to discover different places and experience living there. We want to tell our friends and family (and our blog community) how incredible theses places are. Well, this is where I share mine.

Here’s my selection of places to have sweet dreams at. The ones I´ve discovered both through my own research and listening to the suggestions of other travelers. Enjoy.


Sleeping in the Platbos Forest: Bush Buck Suite

Imagine a crackling fire, campfire food, the soothing sound of crickets and falling asleep in all the comforts a cottage can provide. Welcome to Bush Buck Suite, in the Platbos Forest. A cabin in the woods with a canvas wall that can be rolled up… Read More