I have compiled the following list of articles after having tried and tested tactics and tricks during my travels around the world. Hope you find some of the following articles very useful as you plan your next adventure!

In this travel resources library, you will find everything from how to save up money, when to best book a flight, what to pack, how to travel plan like a boss and some traveller rants here & there?

How to plan your trip

Want to master the art of planning a trip? Here’s a list of resources to help you overcome the sometimes dauting experience of not forgetting anything and making sure you are booking the right thing for you! Make sure to check the following articles to learn everything you need to know:

Travel gear and packing lists

Learn how to fit everything and all your “just in case” things into a carry-on backpack or suitcase. Everything you need to know to not be overwhelmed in front of your carry-on bag. Lists adapted at season and country

Packing lists

Thoughtful travel

Wanting to discover the world is great. In fact, most of us suffer from it. But why wouldn’t you choose to do so by having a good and conscious impact in the people, fauna and flora while you explore and adventure.

Start here:

Photography and filmmaking

Wildlife photography tips to keep in mind when you shoot animalS

Personal growth and travel rants

Let’s get personal here! Want to know my opinion on life changing knowledge that travel has given me? Get to know me a little bit better?

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