Cabanes als Arbres

Do you want to sleep perched up in the trees? Located in a beautiful forest of oak and elm Cabanes als arbres is the best place in Catalunya to enjoy a treehouse stay.

Located in Sant Hilari Sacalm, this treehouse hotel is the perfect getaway to reconnect with nature and bring your inner kid to (happy) tears!

Ready to be high up in the trees in an all round eco-friendly hotel? Let’s go!

Quick facts:

  • Good for: families, couples
  • Starting from: 149€ per night
  • Location: 1h30 from Barcelona, Catalunya

How to get to Cabanes als Arbres

The forest where the treehouses and main house are located is near the village of Sant Hilari Sacalm, in the northeast of Catalunya.

Its closest big city is Girona and it’s only 1h30 drive from Barcelona. It is centrally located and you can find the detailed instructions to get to Cabanes als arbres from Barcelona & Girona on their website.

Cabanes als Arbres

What to do in Cabanes als Arbres

Nothing! Relax under the branches of the forest, have a nap, meditate, read a book. Time passes quickly when you have time for yourself (or for yourself and your partner) and don’t have any activities planned. If doing nothing for a couple days gets too much then you can:

  • Enjoy an adventure park with ziplines and bridges in Coll de Ravell
  • Go for a hike
  • Stroll around Sant Hilari Sacalm or go to the Spa there
  • Go on a mountain bike tour
  • Take the car and go visit the Guilleries Forest or the well known Sau dam
Cabanes als Arbres

The Property

Cabanes als Arbres is made up of the Main House Vileta and 10 treehouses.

Vileta is about 50m from the parking lot and where most of the services are. At the main house there’s a reception, bar area, bathrooms with flushing toilets and showers, the garden and the swimming pool. There’s also a couple of living room areas for guests to complete their check-in forms or just chill by the fireplace.

The 10 treehouses are scattered in the forest and each is named after a bird.

If your orientation isn’t great don’t worry! The welcome package, provided at reception, includes a basket with a lantern, how to get to the treehouses (each with a differentiated colour for easy map reading), treehouse key and walkie talkie for communication with Vileta if needed.

Cabanes als Arbres

The Treehouses at Cabanes als Arbres

Each treehouse features a double bed, gas fire place, sink and mirror area, 2 individual couch chairs and balcony. There’s a big jar of drinking water for you to use and a chemical bathroom.

I adored the wooden look and feel of the treehouse and the ethanol fireplace to kept me warm during the stay.

Cabanes als Arbres

The balcony had two hammocks and had spectacular views to the forest. Depending on which treehouse you stay at you may have views of another treehouse in the distance, but privacy is almost absolute and balconies never face the same way!

The treehouse entrance can be a vertical staircase to the floor of your balcony, through up a trap door, or some regular stairs.

There is no electricity on the treehouse but there is the fireplace and a couple electric lights.

Services included in the price

Breakfast is included with the night rate. What makes the experience remarkable is that it is attached to a rope hanging from your balcony and you must hoist it up by pulling up the rope system until the basket reaches your treehouse balcony level.

During my stay in April it was so cold that at night, the outside area froze. In the morning, when I wanted to go outside I was trapped and couldn’t open the door! I communicated with the walkie talkie and got sent two thermos flasks with boiling water to defrost the trap door – such a funny and unique experience!

You can have dinner at your tree house and they have a menu suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They also have a small menu of items at any point.

Cabanes als Arbres

Why is Cabanes als Arbres an eco-friendly accommodation

The wood used for the treehouses is sourced locally and used depending on its qualities to ensure the outside wood is more resistant while the inside wood together with a hemp layer makes for good insulation.

Each treehouse has a dry toilet, flushed with sawdust. The bag used is biodegradable and together with the elements inside used as a fertilizer in the property once it’s been composted.

The manor house uses low consumption bulbs, recycles and the pool uses ultra violet light instead of chemical products to be kept clean.

Cabanes als Arbres

My stay at Cabanes als Arbres

It is quite amazing to be woken up by the birds chirping and look at the views from the warmth of your bed. As a treehouse lover, enjoying my first Catalunya treehouse experience had been high on my to do list and the experience was incredible!

The quiet one can hear from the balcony at any point, with just the natural sounds to bother you, is a moment that I’ll remember for a long time.

My only interaction with the staff, at reception, was warm and very informative. The price is lower during the week so if your dates are flexible you will save some money by travelling midweek.

I will book the treehouses again, staying at another one this time, because it was a beautiful stay and I enjoyed it throughout.

Don’t miss my Cabanes als Arbres video!

Have you ever slept in a treehouse? Let me know where in the comments below!

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