The tranquil Algeria Waterfall is located in the Cederberg. The closest big towns are Clanwilliam and Citrusdal. The starting point of this hike is at the Algeria campsite, easily accessed via gravel road from Clanwilliam or the N7 (Algeria cape nature sign and then gravel road). There is a permit to be paid at Cape Nature reception at the same Algeria Campiste, the cost per adult is R30.

The hike to Algeria Waterfall

You are given the permit and a map. The hike starts at campsite number 23, where you can park as there is no one staying there. From there you will follow the path and cross the river (either by using the little wooden bridge or by walking across the water pipe) and then continue uphill.
One of the things I didn’t know when I started was if the waterfall was on the side of the mountain you see first or only on the other side. Now for a little encouragement! The Algeria Waterfall is on the same side of the mountain that you start the hike on.

Views from the Algeria Waterfall

The walk takes anything between an hour and two, depending on your fitness level. The path is mostly clear and only has two points where one could get confused. The first junction you reach you should take the path to your right (there is also a sign saying waterfall). Then once you’re almost at the top there is another junction. When you see this one you’ll know you are almost there! At this point you must take the left-hand side path (also signposted). The right-hand turn continues the path up to the summit of that mountain. From there you will start hearing the water more and more until you turn a corner where the waterfall is in sight through a straight line covered by trees. You will scramble and climb over some bigger rocks until you arrive at the waterfall.

The algeria Waterfall The algeria Waterfall

The Algeria Waterfall

As the Western Cape is experiencing a serious drought at the time of the hike (March 2018), the waterfall wasn’t at full strength but it was beautiful nonetheless. I was the first one to get the permit that day and also the first one at the top, so I could enjoy a good few hours of the waterfall to myself. Getting in the water was freezing, but a couple shots had to be taken with the help of my early birthday present, the Manfrotto Compact Light Tripod Kit Black. I could play with different textures and exposures and that made me happy!

Views from the Algeria Waterfall
After putting all my clothes on and trying to warm up my body, I enjoyed the landscape. The valley views in front of me and the quietness of the early morning. Only the sound of falling water to accompany me.
The colours were vivid greens and browns and the breeze was mild. The complete sense of relaxation was intense. The best views are those you have earned, and contemplation at the summit (even if this one was not quite at the top) is one of the best feelings for a hiker. I ate my sandwich and drank some water before starting my descent.

Views from the Algeria Waterfall Views from the Algeria Waterfall Views from the Algeria Waterfall

Oh, and just before I left I had to take a couple pictures in the Algeria campsite trees

Algeria campsite

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Complete hiking guide: Algeria Waterfall, Cederberg


Complete hiking guide: Algeria Waterfall, Cederberg


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