This weekend mostly took place in the Table Mountain National Park.

First time discovering the Cape point or Cape of Good Hope, the most south-western point of the African continent.

We were organising a picnic lunch for a group of clients. We set up two tents and some blankets and pillows 4m away from the sea. It was beautiful. When asking for the permit to have an event on the National Park, you get assigned “baboon monitors”. Baboons are monkeys that have their habitat in the park. We had two monitors for the day that chased the baboons away when they were trying to approach our location. I got actually quite scared of the baboons couple times.

Table Mountain NAtional Park event Table Mountain National Park event Table Mountain National Park event Table Mountain National Park event

By the end of the day, we were dismantling the tents and the baboon monitors weren’t there anymore. Three adult baboon approached us and we ended up just putting all the tents inside the car without the box. Hey, they can be pretty scary!!

If you haven’t read my previous experience with monkeys you can read my Bali experience.

After the event we drove to the Cape of Good Hope and took turns with everyone to take the tourist Picture in the most south-west point of the African continent.

Cape of Good hope Cape of Good hope Cape of Good hope

The views to and form the Cape Point were stunning. It reminded me to the Great Ocean Road. I also learned that The Cape of Good Hope is part of the Cape floristic kingdom and has over 1100 species of endemic plants.

On Sunday we got together with some friends and did the famous Table Mountain Hike.

Driving in Cape Town Constantia Nek hike Constantia Nek hike Constantia Nek hike

We started on the Constantia Nek hiking trail, which is supposed to be one of the easiest but longest ways up. Don’t ask me how, we ended up taking the Nursery Ravine trail up (there are so many routes) and guess what? It was a massive bum workout. Thousands of stairs up. First the trial goes underneath the trees and by the moment you go out you have views to the Kirstenbosch gardens and can see Proteas (national flowers) everywhere.

  Protea Protea Constantia Nek hike

When we got to the top there was two more hours until the Cable Car. In addition it was foggy all the time. Table Mountain has been known with many names like Mons Mensa, Tafeiberg or Umlindi.

 Constantia Nek hikeConstantia Nek hike Constantia Nek hike Constantia Nek hike Constantia Nek hike

Some friends later, a hoodie on and after meeting the Dassie’s we made our way to the bottom. Dassies are like little rats, but they come from the elephants.

Table Mountain table car Table Mountain table car

I’m so glad I can cross the Table Mountain hike from my things to do in Cape Town.


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