With only two and a half days to enjoy Singapore, we made sure to hit the most important and beautiful landmarks.

Although I am definitely not cut for humid weather (heat is ok, I’m from Barcelona anyway, but humid is another story), we galivanted around the city and loved this cosmopolitan asian hub. So many stunning buildings and my favourite metro system in the world thus far!

Here’s the full list of everything I would visit with 2.5 days in Singapore.

What to do in Singapore with 2.5 days

1- Clarque Quay

This trendy neighbourhood near the river has tiny streets with food stands, live and played on speakers. It has so much energy and it’s ideal for a night outing so you can enjoy all the shining lights.

They have a phrase “beer by the bridge” and everyone we saw was following it. The bridge to cross the river has fairy lights that change colours.

The food stalls have traditional food and you can get a meal for 5 USD.

2- Singapore Botanical Gardens

Take the incredible public transport (have I raved yet about it? no?) to go to the botanical gardens.

We walked around two kilometres, and we didn’t even see half of it. They are big and have a variety of plants and trees that are very nice for a stroll.

From lily pads lakes to flowers with vibrant colours, it is an ideal destination to see some of the flaura the country has to offer.

3. Little India Neighbourhood

The most incredible neighbourhood, Little India is a neighbourhood dominated by Indian families. visit the house of Tan Teng Niah, pictured below. Such a colourful building!

Try walking around the area, you will see so many beautiful houses, it provides many perfect photo spots.

4- The Esplanade

Head to the Esplanade, the area adjoining the river and in front of the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Here you’ll be able to walk the Esplanade park, Merlion Park (where the Lion fountain is).

The views from the Esplanade of the skyscrapers of Singapore are stunning and one of my favourites. From day to night a walk around the esplanade changes exponentially with all the lights around.

5- Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Arguably one of the most famous hotel terraces and pool in the world, Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a luxury hotel overlooking the Esplanade.

In order to use the pool you need to have a room booked, but you can take the lift to the 11th floor and have a beer at the bar. Ibiza prices are still topping my 16€ beer there, but it is definitely expensive. The views from the top are worth it in my opinion as it gives you a completely different 360 degree of the city below.

6- Gardens by the Bay

Explore these gardens with trees seemingly taken out of the Avatar movie. It is next to Marina Bay Sands hotel but very quiet in comparison.

7- Chinatown

Chinatown is a bustling neighbourhood and where our hostel was. There are many street markets and stalls and make sure to visit Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Sri Mariamman Temple Hindu.

Where to sleep in Chinatown Singapore: We stayed at a lovely hostel 5footwayin in Chinatown, with airy rooms and in a central location.

Have you visited all the attractions listed above in Singapore?

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