After discovering Ljubljana and spending a couple days in lake Bohinj and lake Bled we headed out to the moutains. We stayed in a lovely farm in the cute village of Solcava and decided to explore the majestic mountains next to us. What got my attention at first were the flowers. Yes, flowers. Everywhere, in every house, in every balcony and doorstep. We started the day in the Logar Valley or Logarska Dolina and continued driving through the Solcava Panoramic Road.

house in Solcava

Logarska Dolina

Logarska Dolina is a valley nested in the Kamnik Alps. The protected area is home to different farms that offer accommodation and food and there are several natural attractions. The entrance to the valley is already captivating. We paid an entrance fee of 7€ (There are different prices depending on vehicle that you can check here for the latest updates) and slowly drove up. The landscape starts flat with trees and fields on each side of the road, while the stunning mountains creating a circus can be seen far away.

After checking the leaflet provided upon entry we drove the car to the parking on Slap Rinka. With a fall of 105m the waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Slovenia and the water drop walk is very accessible. You need to be able to walk on gravel-rocky roads, but they are wide and don’t require much level of fitness. The walk from the parking lot takes about 15 minutes and the views are spectacular. Depending on how the wind blows you get water splashed if you decide to stay underneath it. Slap Rinka in Logarska Dolina Slap Rinka in Logarska Dolina

We decided to walk into the forest following a walking path and afterwards drove through the valley. It is impressive driving under a tunnel of trees only free of trees right on the sky, passing green area and green fields everywhere.

Logarska Dolina mountains Logarska Dolina

Solcava Panoramic Road

The Solcava Panoramic is a scenic mountain road with different points of interest in its 37km. The points of interest are highland farms with spectacular views, lookouts along the bendy roads and points of interest such as caves or churches. As you can see on the map below, there are 3 different available routes that you should choose considering your means of transport and available time.

We choose to drive through the green and blue routes.

Solcava Panoramic Road views Solcava Panoramic Road views Solcava Panoramic Road views Solcava Panoramic Road views Solcava Panoramic Road views Solcava church

Although our main interest where the views we ended up doing quick stops in most of the places – basically for the views! The powerful sensation of being on top of everything is exciting. We stopped in a lovely highland farm and made friends with pigs, goats and dogs while waiting for a delicious Slovenian meal. We had a vegetable soup with “meat dumplings” and a very tasty and sugar free raspberry cake. It was delicious!

delicious Slovenian food Solcava Panoramic Road views Lamotje gorge cave

On the blue route we decided to cross the Pavlic Pass. The Pavlic pass is the mountain pass that goes from Slovenia to Austria. It was a short detour and worth the views. We just drove there and back on the same road.


Has anyone tried the delicious soup with dumplings? I can’t remember the name so if you know please comment below.

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Road tripping Slovenia's Solcava Panorama Road


The prettiest valley in Slovenia Logarska Dolina


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