Sleeping high up in a treehouse near Prague: Resort Green Valley

Sleeping high up in a treehouse near Prague: Resort Green Valley

During our long weekend away in Prague, I managed to get a reservation at Resort Green Valley. I had seen a picture of their high treehouse on a website years ago and since then it had been on my sweet dreams wish list. In just three nights I explored one of the most famous capitals in Europe and slept in my highest ever treehouse – how cool is that?

Their website is only available in Czech and they are also on Airbnb with Czech descriptions, so I had to spend some time with a translator before I could book – I managed to get it right and it was so worth it!

Credit: Resort Green Valley

Quick facts:

  • Good for: families, couples
  • Starting from: 3900 CZK per night for the highest treehouse (148€)
  • Location: outside of Prague, Czech Republic

Where is Resort Green Valley

The Resort is in the Czech Republic countryside, merely an hour away from the capital, Prague. The region is called Central Bohemian Region and Resort Green Valley is specifically located in the municipality of Chotysany.

To get there you need to have your own car, as the resort is in a valley with no bus stops nearby.

The resort

The resort is set in a large valley surrounded by hills, trees and green fields. It truly is an idyllic setting. The hotel has different double and triple rooms distributed between the two main buildings near the dining room, with a maximum capacity of 100 guests. They also have three unique treehouses: the high tree house (where we stayed), the not so high tree house and an elevated dome.

The resort grounds are stunning – which makes me want to go back during summer! They have a tennis court and a swimming pool and since the resort is far away from any villages there many hectares of property surrounding you with stunning views. Nature immersion 101!

Breakfast is included in your accommodation but dinner isn’t. I highly recommend staying in the resort for dinner instead of adventuring out if you are looking for a fine-dining, mouth-watering meal. The “owner” does not speak English but one of his staff does and with his help, we organised check-in and decided on our dinner menu. We did not know how good the food was going to be beforehand and were expecting a home cooked style meal. To our tremendous surprise, we were served incredibly tasty, finely presented food in the middle of the Prague countryside!

The treehouse at Resort Green Valley

The treehouse is 9m high. It is built around a tall tree and you get up to the door using a spiral staircase. One of the branches has a swing – could this be more perfect!?! On top there is a small terrace with a wooden table and a couple of chairs.

The inside of the treehouse has a hexagonal shape and you can actually see the tree branched in two main logs through the room. The treehouse features a double bed, small table, coach or sleeper bed, a little cupboard and door to a chemical toilet room.

If you are not one for “roughing” it, there’s a heater for Winter and about 40m walk from the base of the tree you can find a bathroom with electricity, flushing toilet, shower and towels. The bathroom is shared between the two tree houses and the dome.

The lower treehouse is great for families as it features a double bed and a bunk bed. The Dome is great for couples.

Optional activities in the area of Resort Green Valley

If you want to explore a little bit of the area where the resort is located here are some stops you should visit:

  • Vlasim: In this little village you can check out the Vlasim castle and park, next to each other
  • Cesky sternberk is an early Gothic castle from the mid 13th century. It’s location is pretty cool: the entrance is via a bridge and it feels just like you’re in a movie!
  • Jemniste castle: A big mansion more than a castle by the looks of it, this ‘castle’ has amazing garden grounds that can be visited. The family that owns it still leaves on site. They change their visit timetables depending on the month so be sure to check their website beforehand.
  • Benesov: in this town, you should walk around the colourful old town and visit the statue of the minority order convent.
  • Konopiste Castle: a gothic castle built at the end of 13th century. The inside has collections of rare items and the baroque style gardens are beautiful to stroll around in. There’s also a bear living in poor conditions as part of a cultural tradition :(, which I hated.
  • Sázava: the town is located next to the river of the same name. It was built around the Sázava monastery, the main attraction to visit.

Visiting every item from this route from Resort Green Valley to Sázava takes 1h46 minutes of driving. It can be done at a leisurely pace with half a day before returning to Prague.

Getting out of the city was great, not only for the stay, which was magnificent, but for the chance to explore a lesser known area, only an hour away from Prague, and all it had to offer. I’ve always loved the sensation of driving in the countryside and the Resort Green Valley was no exception!

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Resort Green Valley: treehouse near Prague
Resort Green Valley: treehouse near Prague
20 photos to inspire you to visit the Okavango Delta, Botswana

20 photos to inspire you to visit the Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Okavango Delta is a prime destination for breathtaking landscapes and incredible wildlife sightings. The Delta is the largest inland delta in the world and gets all its water from the rains in Angola, coming through the underground water system. The rains in Angola happen during Jan-Feb but the high season (dry season) in the Okavango takes place from June to September (season depending) when the water filtrates through.

Even though it is not a “Big 5″ destination but a wetland area, there are incredible amounts of birds and it is a great place to initiate yourself in the art of appreciating them. You will find big mammals too!

20 pictures to inspire you to travel to the Okavango Delta, Botswana

20 pictures to inspire you to travel to the Okavango Delta, Botswana
20 pictures to inspire you to travel to the Okavango Delta in Botswana
Group of elephants in the Okavango Delta
Mokoro trip in the Okavango Delta
On a mokoro trip, the Botswanan dig canoe
Finding wild dogs in the Okavango Delta
Great destination to find wild dogs!
Finding wild dogs in the Okavango Delta
Elephants playing
With elephants company in the pool
textures of mud in an elephant
Textures of mud
Waterhole with elephants
How to drink water without upsetting the elephants, a short story
Sleeping under the stars in the  Okavango Delta
Sleeping under the stars
Sunrise over the Okavango Delta
Lion male in the Okavango Delta
Lion male up close
In the pool with elephants very close
Sunsets in the Okavango Delta
Sunsets in the Okavango Delta
Sunsets in the Okavango Delta
lion male looking up to the camera
20 photos to inspire you to visit the Okavango Delta, Botswana
a school of hippos in the Okavango Delta
A school of hippos

Types of safaris in the Okavango Delta

  • Drive-In Safaris: these generally scheduled group tours take you to different areas of the Okavango in a 4×4 vehicle. You will be moving every 2 or so nights to another camping location. They can vary in number of days, nights on safari and level of comfort. They are great for solo travellers and budget travellers wanting to visit the Okavango Delta. Each tour will have 1+ vehicles with a guide.
  • Fly-In Safaris: as most of the Okavango is wetland it makes very difficult for cars to be able to access all areas. Because of that most camps only way in and out is via airstrips and light aircraft. Those camps are more sophisticated than camping and offer lodge-based activities for their guests (every lodge will have different activities and a guide per car/boat/mokoro). These safaris are organized privately and the cost of flying makes it more expensive. Generally, the lodges that can’t be reached by 4×4 are more luxurious.

Okavango Delta types of camps

  • Water-based: these camps will be located in areas of wetland and will be accessed by boat or aircraft. Their main safari activities will be mokoro and boat safaris. They also offer walking safaris.
  • Land-based: Based in an area where it is mostly dry, these camps will offer
  • Combination: the best option is to find a camp that offers all the activities that you are interested in. If that’s not possible you can always combine one of each camps to get the full experience.

Want to add another destination on your Botswana adventure? Book an extension to Chobe National Park and finish off with a Victoria Falls stay – the best combination Botswana and Zimbabwe can offer you!

20 pictures to inspire you to visit the Okavango Delta
Be inspired by the Okavango Delta in just 20 photos
Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary

Dubai is an ever-growing city in the Middle East with crazy skyscrapers and luxury around every corner. It is also a great add on to your trip by making use of a stopover. For this Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary I’ll tell how you can add one more destination to your trip… for the same price!

Dubai is a big city, so knowing what to do and how to best divide your visits between each area will let you make the most out of your short stay in the city!

A stopover is a short stay over in a place during a longer journey to somewhere else (Cambridge dictionary). While travelling internationally a stopover is considered if spending more than 24h in the middle destination, whereas in domestic flights that is reduced to 4h. Anything below those hours respectively is considered a layover.

How to book a stopover in Dubai with Emirates

Emirates has its base in Dubai Airport, UAE. To book a stopover with Emirates you will have to enter your trip legs separately, like a multi-city trip. Let’s say you are travelling from Cape Town to Barcelona via Dubai. If you did not want to stop you would just create a one-way itinerary Cape Town – Barcelona (and there would be a stop in Dubai for a connection flight).

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary

If you want to stop in Dubai for a 3 day stopover you will have to search for Cape Town Dubai on a certain date, Dubai to Barcelona on another date.

Attention: some years back you were supposed to book it normally and then message Emirates – this has now changed – just book it as different legs of your journey.

The price of the flight will depend on the chosen flight and date – you can move dates around to see if there is a cheaper one!

Note: before you book your Dubai stopover make sure to check if you need a visa!

Where to stay in Dubai during your stopover

MINI Zabeel house: This hotel is located near Al Seef by Dubai Creek. It is a modern and playful style with small rooms. All of them have wifi, tablet, tv and working desk. There are different bars and restaurants on-site and the reception staff speak both Arabic and English. There’s a pool area and gym on one of the top floors and you can get free access to one of Dubai’s waterparks, in March 2019 Wild Wadi Park was their partner. Prices start from 64 EUR for a double room.

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary

It worked out cheaper to pick this hotel and have the waterpark entrance for free than picking a hostel and paying for the water park entrance – and on top of that I cannot recommend the hotel more!

How to move around Dubai

The most convenient and cheap way to move around Dubai is by public transport, specifically the metro and tram. The metro covers most of the tourist areas with direct stops at certain landmarks, so getting to these Dubai stopover attractions won’t be hard. Some others might require a bit of walking or taking a bus.

The metro fares depend on the area you’re in and the distance travelled. You can buy “Nol” cards (the red one is the one for tourists or short term) and buy trips. We found that paying for a full day fare worked out better for the number of trips we took most days.

The tram has a set price no matter how long you travel for and this makes it one of the cheapest modes of transport in the city.

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary

The famous city of Dubai has been gaining traction as a destination in the past few years. During the stopover there I really enjoyed how different it felt from everything I had visited before. After hearing so many different opinions I was glad I could experience it for myself. My first thought of the city: “It’s enormous!”

Before you visit Dubai on a stopover you must do your research for activities you’d like to try out. For that I recommend doing a comparison of the Dubai Unlimited, Dubai Select and Dubai Flexi attraction passes.

They offer similar activities but you should pick the one that makes more sense in terms of your time in the city and the number of activities you want to do. We picked Dubai Select because it offered a competitive price for 3 activities. I checked the price of those activities if booked separately and the price was higher – hence why I went for the card.


Most flights will arrive late in the evening or at night. That’s perfect to get a night of sleep and start the itinerary. If your flight arrives early morning you can check-in and get on with the visiting.

Day 1 of Stopover in Dubai

Enjoy the first morning at Wild Wadi water park. We spent the first hours playing (I love theme/water parks SO much!). From the park you can see the Burj Al Arab, the sail-looking “only 7* hotel in the world”. There is a beach called Jumeirah Beach if you want a better view of the hotel and haven’t had enough water yet!

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary: Wild Wadi Waterpark

Your next stop will be the famous ‘The Palm’, a man made sand island that looks like a palm from the air. You can access the palm by monorail. The last stop is Atlantis Hotel, where you can find another water park and an aquarium among other activities. It looks like a mall before you enter the actual hotel, a lot of people go there just to see it!

With the Dubai card, you can enter the aquarium if you are interested. Going there if you don’t want to go to the water park or aquarium is interesting enough (you’ll get to visit the mall under the hotel) but it’s not really worth it in my opinion – better to plan so that you do an activity there!

From there you want to go to Dubai Marina, the neighbourhood with skyscrapers and impossibly shaped towers. I was blown away by how small that area made me feel – every building around you is at least 60 stories tall! Walk around and explore at your own pace. When you are ready to relax, head to JBR beach for sunset.

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary: Dubai Marina

There are countless shops, stalls and a main road full of expensive cars. I recommend walking around the promenade and beach but when you are hungry you should go one or two streets back – the prices are much better when you are not on the beach itself!

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary: Dubai Marina

Day 2 of stopover in Dubai

This day was possibly my favourite in Dubai! Time to explore the old town and desert.

Everywhere you need to visit to explore the old town! If your stopover itinerary day 2 falls on a Friday you might want to alter the order of days, as markets and souks open late on Fridays due to weekend starting!

Old Town DIY itinerary in Dubai

Start your day going to green line metro station Al Ras, the closest station to all the souks and markets. The first stop will be the Gold Souk where, as the name suggests, you can find gold traders and jewellery shops. There is a Guinness world record holder there for the heaviest gold ring.

You want to leave through the shop’s nearest exit and walk approx. 5 min to Deira Grand Souk with it’s typical Arabian smells. This souk is known as the spice souk since you can buy herbs and spices there mixed with some textiles and of course tourist souvenirs.

Beside Deira Grand Souk you will find Dubai’s Creek, a very important part of Dubai’s history as it was used for fishing (it’s a saltwater creek). Nowadays there are modern boats available to cross but locals and tourists alike get on the Abra, the old wooden boats. They cost only 1 Dirham to cross the creek. Ask to go to the other side, Bur Dubai abra station.

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary: Old Town DIY walking tour

Reach Dubai Old Souk next to the station. They sell typical Arabian food, textile and fabrics. If you decide to get anything don’t forget to barter before you buy!

Walk to Al Fahidi Fort or Dubai Museum, the oldest building in Dubai. It was opened as a museum in 1971 to showcase the traditional way of life of the Dubai Emirati. The entrance fee is 3 Dirham.

Near the museum you’ll see the neighbourhood of Bastakiya with it’s preserved homes. The quarter used to be inhabited by rich merchants and now there are restaurants, museums and hotels in the area.

Finish your old town Dubai DIY tour by going to Al Seef. The area was only developed a few years ago as a replica of traditional Arabian homes and it feels almost as if one is outside the big city. It is very quiet and there are some hotels and restaurants there. I felt like I was on a quality movie set – that’s how authentic it was. Zabel Mini is located next to it (and they have a sister hotel one can stay at right inside Al Seef, if you love the area as much as we did!) we visited twice in 3 days 😉

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary: Old Town DIY walking tour

Safari Desert Tour

Go back to your hotel to freshen up and wait for your safari driver to pick you up (the time will have been emailed to you the day before). Once you get in the car you will drive to one of the reserves outside of the city, in our case Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the first National Park in the UAE.

The activity starts with a little safari – we only saw Arabian oryx and Arabian gazelle – and then the real fun starts with some dune 4×4 racing. The drivers are extremely good at making you feel like you’re on a roller coaster. It lasts for about 40 minutes but I can guarantee you that it will feel too short! We had a family in the car with us and the mum was a little afraid so the driver kept saying “Oh my god, I lost the control” and similar all the time – it was hilarious and a super fun experience!

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary: desert safari

After the driving, you’ll arrive at a traditional Arabian desert camp where you can choose between different activities for the night (or all!): camel riding, sandboarding and henna paintings. There are snacks provided and when it is dark a fire and great Emirati food. The night finishes up with some traditional dance performances and a drive back. The desert safari tour is my must do activity in Dubai if you are short on time – do not leave without doing it!

Day 3 of stopover in Dubai itinerary

The last day of the stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary will start with a visit to Dubai Mall. If shopping is not your strong suit (neither is mine) check out the aquarium inside the mall and then head to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. After admiring the views go outside and find a good spot to watch the fountain show, from 1 to 1h30pm and from 6 to 11 pm every half an hour.

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary: Burj Khalifa
My boyfriend Ed for scale 😉

Head to Emirates mall, the only mall in the world (as far as I know) that has an indoor skiing slope! I was dying to try it out and got myself a 2h entrance (the shortest) to give it a go – I enjoyed it because it was a new experience but obviously it couldn’t compare with actual mountain skiing :).

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary: Burj Khalifa

On the way out go to for some sunset drinks. If you have plenty of time to start the sunset mission early go to Tomo in Raffles Hotel for further away views of the skyline. When it starts getting dark, head over to Level 43 Skylounge at Four Points Sheraton for 360 views of the towers next to the rooftop.

Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary
@ Level 43 skylounge

If you have 4 days in Dubai for a stopover you can add a one day visit to Abu Dhabi to check out another big city in another of the Emirati regions.

After following this stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary you will have visited Dubai’s major attractions and landmarks.

Dubai stopover 3 day itinerary
Stopover in Dubai 3 day itinerary
Visiting Tofo, Mozambique: a diver’s paradise

Visiting Tofo, Mozambique: a diver’s paradise

Tofo is a charming fisherman’s village on the east coast of Mozambique. The name is pronounced “to-fu” and it’s a well-known destination for backpackers and divers in Southern Africa.

If you’re looking for amazing long beaches, epic diving spots, palm trees everywhere and delicious food, Tofo is the right destination for your holiday.

The village of Tofo has a very laid back atmosphere, with friendly locals, diving schools, hotels and restaurants. It is listed as one of the best diving spots in the world to see manta rays and is a popular destination for South Africans during public holidays, owing to its closeness.

Tofo Main Beach, Mozambique

Where is and how to get to Tofo

The town of Tofo is located about 7 hour car drive from Maputo, the capital of the country.

Where's Tofo in Mozambique - map

By flight:

If you are flying from abroad you will have to fly to Maputo airport first (MPM) and take a flight to Inhambane (INH) next. From Inhambane the driving time to the village of Tofo is about 20-25 minutes.

By shared transport:

From South Africa:

Two days a week there is a shuttle bus going from Johannesburg international airport to Tofo directly, they drop you at your exact accommodation. It is very well priced and a great option for backpackers or budget conscious travellers. The drive takes around 14 hours and you can book it on their website.

Another option is to take an Intercape bus (bus company offering cross country itineraries) from Johannesburg central station to Maputo.

From Maputo:

You can take a private transfer or hop on one of the shuttle/minibuses available. If you are not sure about how to hop on a mini bus in Africa, rest assured there’s an easy way! You can always contact Fatima from Fatima Backpackers Maputo and book a spot in hers, departing every day at around 6am from the hostel.

Things to know before you arrive at Tofo

  • Most people speak Portuguese but there are a number of Bantu languages spoken as well
  • The closest ATM is about 20min away from town. If you don’t have your own car for the stay, make sure to withdraw money before your arrival
  • Tofo is a small village, with 10 or so streets and few houses. If you are looking for a crowded destination this might not be your best bet
  • It is a high-risk malaria zone, you should visit your doctor to get a recommendation for the best medication before your trip. Bring bug spray too if you want to avoid numerous mosquito bites
  • Tofo has a noticeable number of expats living there and owning businesses, so English is widely spoken too. Tofo area is one of the safest in the country – there is no violence problem
Holidays in Tofo, Mozambique

Best time of the year to go to Tofo, Mozambique?

What makes Tofo an amazing year round destination is the temperate temperature and pleasant weather all months of the year. June to September is considered high season as it is dry and pleasant with temperatures between 20ºC and 25ºC. During summer months (December – February) the humidity is high and temperatures range between the 22ºC and 32ºC. It often rains with short showers in the afternoon.

From January to March it’s cyclone season, the weather is still very nice but you might get some heavy rains if you visit during a cyclone.

Where to stay in Tofo

Hostel: Mozambeats

We stayed with our friends at the 10 people dorm and have nothing but good things to say about the hostel. It is a 15 min walk from the beach. They have dorms and private rooms with individual mosquito nets and fans for the room. There are lockers and shared bathrooms – ours was an outdoor bathroom & shower!

Their garden area is lush and invites people to relax and get to know each other (very important in a hostel!). They have a pool (with a pool bar omg!) and their food is cheap and delicious. During high season (we visited during Christmas) there are parties every second night – and the whole of Tofo comes there so if you want a quiet place this is not your best bet.

The rooms are far away enough from the music that you can hear it but it won’t be overwhelming if you want to have an early night.

Photo credit: @mozambeatmotel

Value hotel: Turtle Cove Lodge

This lodge is situated in the same area as Mozambeats, some 15 minutes away from the beach. It has private rooms that start at 35 USD per couple.

Best mid range hotel: Baia Sonambula

This hotel is great for couples as it offers a more secluded experience with fewer guests and stunning ocean views. There are so many trees in the property that it feels like you are in a lush paradise by the sea.

It has sea view bungalows and standard rooms and prices start at 100 USD per couple.

There are slightly more luxurious hotels in Tofo but if you want something 5* luxurious you will have to go to Barra, where different hotels can all be found on the same beach strip. You can check Sentidos Beach for a 5* location and service.

Activities available in Tofo

One of the main activities that Tofo offers is diving, but there are more options if you want to try different things! Here are some of the activities you can do:

Ocean safari: 

Always dreamt of swimming with whale sharks, the biggest fish in the world, or dolphins? Well, an ocean safari is your best bet! During a couple hours you will explore the ocean with a Zodiac in search of a big shadow underneath you. Once they find one you will jump in with your snorkelling gear and enjoy swimming next to it! Their season is September to February mostly, and whale season is June to October.

Quad bike in the dunes: 

You can go on a guided activity that will take you to the dunes between Tofo and Barra.

Hit the beach:

Tofo has two main beaches Tofo and Tofinho. Tofo is the main one, located on the village promenade with hotels and restaurants, and it is the one most locals and tourists go to. Tofinho is a little bit farther down and it has no entertainment but has better waves for surfing.

Holidays in Tofo - visit to Barra beach
Barra Beach

Do nothing: 

Stay in your chosen accommodation and relax. Do nothing or don’t move much while you tan, read a book, swim for hours in the pool (like we did) or nap.

Rent a dhow:

Dhows are the traditional fisherman boat from the area. It is possible to rent a dhow and spend the day snorkeling around some islands and have a meal with the fishermen’s family.

Other activities possible in and around the village include going to Barra to spend the day there. Barra is another village that has a long stretch of wide white beach with hotels and restaurants on the sand. You can spend the day walking around them and enjoying good food, views and some sun.

Diving in Tofo: What to expect

Tofo is considered one of the best destinations in the world to see manta rays year round, as there is a permanent cleaning station. The area has +20 different dives that go from easy to complicated and vary in depth.

Diving sites are between 40 min and 1h from shore using a Zodiac. There are pretty reefs and so many banks of fish – your diving experience will change every day.

My opinion about diving in Tofo: it surprised me in ways I wasn’t expecting. The diving was pretty great (and I say pretty great only because we had bad weather forecast Choppy sea and murky water for visibility. With clear waters it must be phenomenal. Even in less than ideal water conditions, I saw a manta ray right under my finns and so many schools of colourful fish.

Holidays in Tofo, main beach
Tofo Main Beach

Best seasons for diving in Tofo

Luckily for all of us with busy work schedules, Tofo is a great destination for divers year round. If you want to see whale sharks and manta rays – drum roll – you can go any month of the year! Those animals stay in the area and you can see them any month. They are more common during summer months, September to February in Tofo. If you’re interested in seeing Humpback whales then your season is from June until the end of August.

We did our Advanced Padi course with Peri Peri Divers. They’re right on Tofo beach and have a team of young entertaining guides and staff. They also work with Marine Megafauna Foundation.

Diving in Tofo, Mozambique

Tofo is a great destination for a chilled holiday with friends, diving and partying. It is also a great add on for a bush and beach combination with South Africa. I cannot recommend doing some dives there enough as the fauna and flora under the sea are something special to witness.

Have you ever been to Tofo? Did you see manta rays or whale sharks? Let me know in the comments!

Everything you need to know about Tofo, Mozambique
Tofo, Diver's paradise in Mozambique
Staying at Cabanes als arbres, treehouse in Catalunya

Staying at Cabanes als arbres, treehouse in Catalunya

Cabanes als Arbres

Do you want to sleep perched up in the trees? Located in a beautiful forest of oak and elm Cabanes als arbres is the best place in Catalunya to enjoy a treehouse stay.

Located in Sant Hilari Sacalm, this treehouse hotel is the perfect getaway to reconnect with nature and bring your inner kid to (happy) tears!

Ready to be high up in the trees in an all round eco-friendly hotel? Let’s go!

Quick facts:

  • Good for: families, couples
  • Starting from: 149€ per night
  • Location: 1h30 from Barcelona, Catalunya

How to get to Cabanes als Arbres

The forest where the treehouses and main house are located is near the village of Sant Hilari Sacalm, in the northeast of Catalunya.

Its closest big city is Girona and it’s only 1h30 drive from Barcelona. It is centrally located and you can find the detailed instructions to get to Cabanes als arbres from Barcelona & Girona on their website.

Cabanes als Arbres

What to do in Cabanes als Arbres

Nothing! Relax under the branches of the forest, have a nap, meditate, read a book. Time passes quickly when you have time for yourself (or for yourself and your partner) and don’t have any activities planned. If doing nothing for a couple days gets too much then you can:

  • Enjoy an adventure park with ziplines and bridges in Coll de Ravell
  • Go for a hike
  • Stroll around Sant Hilari Sacalm or go to the Spa there
  • Go on a mountain bike tour
  • Take the car and go visit the Guilleries Forest or the well known Sau dam
Cabanes als Arbres

The Property

Cabanes als Arbres is made up of the Main House Vileta and 10 treehouses.

Vileta is about 50m from the parking lot and where most of the services are. At the main house there’s a reception, bar area, bathrooms with flushing toilets and showers, the garden and the swimming pool. There’s also a couple of living room areas for guests to complete their check-in forms or just chill by the fireplace.

The 10 treehouses are scattered in the forest and each is named after a bird.

If your orientation isn’t great don’t worry! The welcome package, provided at reception, includes a basket with a lantern, how to get to the treehouses (each with a differentiated colour for easy map reading), treehouse key and walkie talkie for communication with Vileta if needed.

Cabanes als Arbres

The Treehouses at Cabanes als Arbres

Each treehouse features a double bed, gas fire place, sink and mirror area, 2 individual couch chairs and balcony. There’s a big jar of drinking water for you to use and a chemical bathroom.

I adored the wooden look and feel of the treehouse and the ethanol fireplace to kept me warm during the stay.

Cabanes als Arbres

The balcony had two hammocks and had spectacular views to the forest. Depending on which treehouse you stay at you may have views of another treehouse in the distance, but privacy is almost absolute and balconies never face the same way!

The treehouse entrance can be a vertical staircase to the floor of your balcony, through up a trap door, or some regular stairs.

There is no electricity on the treehouse but there is the fireplace and a couple electric lights.

Services included in the price

Breakfast is included with the night rate. What makes the experience remarkable is that it is attached to a rope hanging from your balcony and you must hoist it up by pulling up the rope system until the basket reaches your treehouse balcony level.

During my stay in April it was so cold that at night, the outside area froze. In the morning, when I wanted to go outside I was trapped and couldn’t open the door! I communicated with the walkie talkie and got sent two thermos flasks with boiling water to defrost the trap door – such a funny and unique experience!

You can have dinner at your tree house and they have a menu suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They also have a small menu of items at any point.

Cabanes als Arbres

Why is Cabanes als Arbres an eco-friendly accommodation

The wood used for the treehouses is sourced locally and used depending on its qualities to ensure the outside wood is more resistant while the inside wood together with a hemp layer makes for good insulation.

Each treehouse has a dry toilet, flushed with sawdust. The bag used is biodegradable and together with the elements inside used as a fertilizer in the property once it’s been composted.

The manor house uses low consumption bulbs, recycles and the pool uses ultra violet light instead of chemical products to be kept clean.

Cabanes als Arbres

My stay at Cabanes als Arbres

It is quite amazing to be woken up by the birds chirping and look at the views from the warmth of your bed. As a treehouse lover, enjoying my first Catalunya treehouse experience had been high on my to do list and the experience was incredible!

The quiet one can hear from the balcony at any point, with just the natural sounds to bother you, is a moment that I’ll remember for a long time.

My only interaction with the staff, at reception, was warm and very informative. The price is lower during the week so if your dates are flexible you will save some money by travelling midweek.

I will book the treehouses again, staying at another one this time, because it was a beautiful stay and I enjoyed it throughout.

Don’t miss my Cabanes als Arbres video!

Have you ever slept in a treehouse? Let me know where in the comments below!

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